The 34th IAF World Fashion Congress, was organized this year by the IAF (International Apparel Federation), together with Dutch branch organization MODINT.

IAF World Fashion Convention is aimed at decision makers from the global clothing industry and discusses the developments that will determine the future of our industry. The theme of the 34th edition was: ‘Building a smart future for fashion’. In a world where prices cannot drop much lower, boats cannot go much faster and people cannot work much harder, improvements are made only when the business is made smarter. Smart supply chain collaboration, smart new machines, smart materials and above all, smart people, this convention will show many inspiring examples of a smarter apparel supply chain.

Conference Program
The convention starts of with the traditional Golf Tournament on Sunday October 7th.
Monday evening was the festive opening of the congress at the Maastricht City Hall. On Tuesday October 9th and Wednesday October 10th  the congress was held at the Crowne Plaza hotel. MODINT Credit & Finance was one of the sponsors of this fully booked congress.

The international IAF conferences are characterized by the high quality of the speakers, mostly directors of major international brands and retailers, (branch) organizations, suppliers and government.
This year speakers were present from major brands and manufacturers such as Hugo Boss, Vivienne Westwood, Puma and VF, as well as speakers from LeverStyle from Hong Kong and Denim Village from Turkey. There were also experts from McKinsey, the C & A Foundation, the E-Commerce Foundation, the London College of Fashion, the Influencer Marketing Agency and the Center for European Policy Studies. They provided information about their knowledge and specific insights.
The topics included: vision and experience with circular fashion, the question how fashion brands can use blockchain technology to achieve transparency in the value chain, how the use of online influencers in contemporary marketing is currently conquering our industry and the revival of the Russian fashion industry.

Fashion Dinner
A festive dinner for all guests is traditionally part of the IAF congress. This year a nice mix of fashion, art and culinary took place at the beautiful Chateau Sint Gerlach in Houthem.

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