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In the current economic climate, you as an entrepreneur want to seize opportunities when they occur. But trade risks are a danger. What is the impact of political or monetary instability abroad on your orders? What about the financial obligations entered into? And do you know exactly who you are doing business with?

A credit insurance policy gives you the answer to these and other questions. In the field of credit insurance and working capital financing, MODINT Credit & Finance works together with Xolv Financial Support, consultants who think in terms of solutions. MODINT C&F, together with Euler Hermes, has developed a policy that is specifically tailored to your sector. Because even if taking risks is inherent in business, limiting them is certainly so important.

A credit insurance policy does more
Naturally, such insurance offers good protection against trading risks. And you have access to a global database with essential information about your potential trading partners. But it also provides more favorable conditions for financing the required working capital. In short, credit insurance is not only necessary if you want to seize new opportunities, but also offer you demonstrable financial benefits.

Free Risk Scan
Even though the business climate has improved in recent years, risks are of all times. The consultants at Xolv and MODINT Credit & Finance tell you in an hour, how you can arm yourself against it.