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A non-paying debtor can be disastrous for your company. You can cover that risk with trade credit insurance. Are payments not forthcoming? Then MODINT Credit & Finance will follow suit. That way you still get your money, but you don’t disrupt the relationship with the customer. We offer different types of credit insurance, for every payment risk and every type of business.

What is trade credit insurance?

Trade credit insurance covers the risk of non-paying customers. Anyone who does business runs the risk that a customer will not pay. This may be due to, for example, payment problems, bankruptcy or suspension of payments.

You naturally want to see the damage of such an unpaid invoice covered, because it is not the intention that your business is indirectly endangered as a result. That is exactly what trade credit insurance is for.

Take out your trade credit insurance with MODINT Credit & Finance and you are guaranteed to get your money anyway. The customer relationship is also preserved. In addition to indemnification of unpaid invoices, credit information and collection are also part of credit insurance.

Why you need trade credit insurance

Some entrepreneurs think they do not need trade credit insurance. And that’s a shame, because every year companies write off an average of 2.5% because customers don not pay. This can amount to considerable figures in the fashion and textile industry. A custom trade credit insurance from MODINT Credit & Finance offers a perfect solution. The benefits of credit insurance are also many.

Heavy competition, blurring of seasonal patterns and critical customers bring financial risks. With trade credit insurance you have certainty about loss of turnover and that gives you peace of mind. By taking out trade credit insurance, the financing options also increase. This is simply because financial risks are limited.

You can cover just about any trading and payment risk with tailor made trade credit insurance. MODINT Credit & Finance offers various types of trade credit insurance, also outside the fashion industry. Your entire turnover is insured when you opt for the most extensive trade credit insurance.

Trade credit insurance also shortens the outstanding item list. This increases your working capital and allows you to do business more freely. Trade credit insurance means more security, certainty and therefore more room for taking risks.

Credit management for fashion, sports, shoes, textiles, home & living

Arrange your trade credit insurance via MODINT Credit & Finance

At MODINT Credit & Finance we have over 75 years of experience in the fashion and textile industry. We know your field like no other. That is why we know best what risks you run. We therefore have suitable trade credit insurance for every type of company within the industry.

But entrepreneurs outside the fashion and textile industry can also benefit from MODINT Credit & Finance. We go for a personal approach. With us you have a fixed point of contact for all your questions. We like short lines.

Moreover, MODINT Credit & Finance is an international company and provides services throughout Europe. This international approach means that we are not only able to communicate well in the language of your customer. We also know what risks are involved in international business. At MODINT Credit & Finance you are always well insured for all your payment and trading risks.

Different types of trade credit insurance via MODINT Credit & Finance

MODINT Branche Policy

tailor made solution


Your entire turnover insured Customized clauses possible Online policy management
More info

MODINT SImplicity Policy

simple and universal


Your entire turnover insured No credit limits needed
Blind coverage 60 up to 90%


insured per transaction


Insure a single transaction Financial information
Debt collection and coverage

Cover One



For multi-year contracts Guaranteed coverage Including manufacturing risk

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