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The lawyers of MODINT Credit & Finance offer assistance with commercial contracts, conflicts and much more. Both nationally and internationally. We provide advice or information or show you the way to the best solution in case of questions or conflicts with your customers or trading partner.

Why you may need legal advice? 

In the event of conflicts or legal matters, it is wise to seek expert advice. This is important in order to better assess your (legal) position. In addition, an experienced lawyer can distinguish between main issues and cases, can think along with you and advise you on the best solution possible.

What legal services does MODINT Credit & Finance provide?

  • Guidance / debt collection in the event of an unpaid invoice;
  • Guidance in a legal dispute with your customer or trading partner, both in the amicable and judicial proceedings;
  • Drafting various contracts;
  • Drafting general terms and conditions or legally checking existing general terms and conditions
  • Guidance in bankruptcies.

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How do we proceed?

We provide tailor-made legal assistance, because every legal question requires its own approach. After an initial intake, we determine in consultation with you which follow-up steps are needed and how to proceed.

Why MODINT Credit & Finance for your legal advice?

At MODINT Credit & Finance we have over 75 years of experience in fashion and textile industry. We know your industry and business like no other. That is why we know best what risks you’re at.

We do not like cumbersome hassle and difficult language. We get down to business and go for a personal approach. With us you have a fixed point of contact for all your questions and you receive expert advice from our own lawyer.

MODINT Credit & Finance is also an international company and provides services throughout Europe. This international approach means that we are not only able to communicate well in the language of your customer. We also know what risks are involved in international business. At MODINT Credit & Finance you always get good advice for all your financial and legal issues.

Would you like to know more about the legal assistance we provide, please contact us or request a free quote.

Interested in the legal assistance we provide, please request a free quote.

Do you have questions? Let our specialists advise you on a tailor-made basis!

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