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As an entrepreneur you have to be at home in many different markets. Sometimes you run into problems. Especially if you also do international business. A customer who does not pay or even goes bankrupt, a lack of clarity about price agreements or logistical problems are just a few examples of things where things can go wrong. Then it is useful to know who you can turn to for expert advice and guidance.

Why legal advice

We believe prevention is better than cure. We focus on this when drafting our trading terms and conditions. However, occasionally things go wrong and conflicts or legal questions arise. Moreover, the world has changed a lot because of COVID-19. Where we used to be able to rely on the ‘normal’ seasonal pattern, logistics processes and ‘normal’ trade, we are now confronted with logistics problems, price increases and special circumstances. All reasons to rely on the services and service of MODINT Credit & Finance.

What legal services does MODINT Credit & Finance provide?

MODINT Credit & Finance offers help with:

  • drawing up general, trade and delivery conditions
  • review of conditions
  • the inclusion of provisions on cancellations, quality disputes and warranty
  • retention of title
  • situations of force majeure
  • change in creditworthiness
  • guidance in a legal dispute, both in the amicable and judicial phase
  • assistance with bankruptcy, suspension of payments, the Natural Persons Debt Rescheduling Act, or forms of insolvency abroad.
  • Complaint options (disputes)
  • how best to file a complaint.

Creditmanagement for fashion, sports, shoes, textiles, home & living

Why MODINT Credit & Finance for your legal affairs?

We know better than anyone how complicated the legal aspect of trade can be. Thanks to our many years of experience in fashion, sports, shoes, interior and textiles, we know what we are talking about. You can therefore count on all the knowledge and experience that our employees have in-house.

The customer is central to us and we provide tailor-made legal assistance, because every legal question requires its own approach. We can also help you further if, for example, you use industry conditions, but want to deviate from them on certain points.

MODINT Credit & Finance provides the complete financial picture and offers a total concept of collection, debtor management, credit checks, credit insurance and financing. All your affairs arranged through 1 party. That works so efficiently.

The legal services of MODINT Credit & Finance

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