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Purchasing stock can have a major impact on your working capital. Especially when it comes to stock and purchases that also depend on the season. When there are insufficient funds to finance this, inventory financing can be the solution.

What is stock financing ?

Stock financing is business financing based on paid current inventories. It allows you to free up the stock that is tied up in your business for extra liquidity. Stock financing gives you (temporary) extra financial space to continue investing in your company.

Benefits stock finance

Stock financing is flexible financing that moves with the value of stock in your company and makes you better able to absorb seasonal peaks, for example. With stock financing you also have extra financial strength to grow your business. For example, by expanding your range or by investing in a larger stock when you expand your business. Finally, as an entrepreneur, you run less risk of default because with stock financing it is assumed that factoring is also used.

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Terms & conditions for stock financing

To be eligible for stock financing, you must meet a number of factors. In addition, inventory financing is only possible in combination with factoring.

Minimum requirements for stock financing:

  • The stock consists of a paid finished product, is current and stored in the Netherlands;
  • Minimum stock facility of EUR 500,000;
  • Minimum turnover of 5 million euros per year.

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