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As an entrepreneur, you need sufficient capital to meet your daily financial obligations. However, sometimes your capital is tied up with buyers, in paid stock or in pre-sold purchases. Or you have to deal with seasonal turnover and notice that your financing needs fluctuate during the year. Is the cash flow you need to be able to do business not available? Then working capital financing may be the solution.

What is working capital

Working capital is the money you use to meet your daily financial obligations. Obligations such as paying suppliers, paying your rent, paying salaries, replenishing stocks, or performing maintenance. Companies that lack working capital can face problems with their day-to-day expenses and paying their bills.

Working capital financing

Working capital financing is a form of financing to temporarily increase the working capital of your company. This can be done by means of a short-term business credit or another form of (short-term) financing. With working capital financing, you can withdraw moneyThis way you have sufficient financial scope to be able to do business successfully and when you need it. Working capital financing is also a form of financing based on current turnover. This contrasts with forms of credit where the emphasis is mainly on historical business performance. whenever you want. 

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Which forms of financing

Your working capital can be financed in various ways. Together with our partners, we offer different types of solutions: factoring (debtor financing), trade finance (purchase or pre-shipment financing) and stock financing.

Debtor finance (factoring)

Outstanding receivables from debtors place a large burden on the working capital of your company. Factoring gives you quick access to the necessary financial resources.
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Trade finance (purchase finance)

Every purchase transaction puts pressure on your liquid assets. With trade finance you can have your (demonstrably pre-sold) purchases pre-financed, so that you can immediately seize opportunities that present themselves.
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Stock finance

Keeping goods in stock is expensive in several ways. Because the money is in your stock, you no longer have any capital to use for your company. Stock financing ensures that you can continue to invest.
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Why MODINT Credit & Finance for working capital financing?

MODINT Credit & Finance has many years of experience and broad expertise. We not only help with inventorying the need for financing and determining the right form. We also help implement and monitor these.

Often the need for additional working capital is not only from the moment of invoicing, but much earlier in the supply chain. Our partners help us to provide you with the best possible service. They act internationally and offer tailor-made solutions to finance and optimize your entire supply chain.

Other factors are also important to improve your working capital. Think of a strict debtor policy, checking your customers for creditworthiness or taking out credit insurance. MODINT Credit & Finance offers a total concept of collection, debtor management, credit checks, credit insurance and financing. All your affairs arranged through 1 party. That works so efficiently.

How much working capital do I need?

Too little working capital can indicate liquidity problems. But too much working capital is not good either. When you have too much working capital, you have less room to invest in the growth of your company. After all, the money is tied up in your stocks or debtors. Finding the right balance between sufficient cash in hand and capital to invest is a challenge for every entrepreneur.

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