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How well do you know your customers and what do you actually know about that new customer? Can they (still) pay your invoice? MODINT Credit & Finance provides credit information about your customers. Based on this, you can make a correct assessment of the financial risks. For example, you can choose to only work with reliable companies. 

What is creditworthiness?

A company’s creditworthiness provides an estimate of the likelihood that a company will be able to meet its financial obligations. This is important for, for example, lenders when providing a loan.

It is also important for you as an entrepreneur, because you only want to do business with companies that can pay your invoices. Bad payment behaviour on the part of your customers, especially with large orders, can get you into trouble yourself. With our credit check you gain insight into the financial situation of your relations, and you can prevent unpaid invoices or worse. 

Credit information and credit reports

Credit information includes any data related to a company’s creditworthiness. This includes payment behaviour, balance sheet information and annual figures, but also, for example, past insolvencies.

MODINT Credit & Finance makes an estimate of the credit risk of your customers based on this credit information. You will receive a report about the customer with credit advice, a payment valuation, official data and previous financial calamities. Based on this data, the customer is given a credit rating: the higher the score, the more reliable the customer.

With the credit information from MODINT Credit & Finance you are aware of the financial situation of your customers and that of your customers and you reduce credit risks.

Credit management for fashion, sports, shoes, textiles, home & living

Why MODINT Credit & Finance for your credit information?

MODINT Credit & Finance has a unique and very extensive database with current information from more than 200,000 companies in the Netherlands and abroad.

Our credit checks include customer identification, payment experiences over several seasons, any arrears (frequency, duration and concurrence) and collections. In combination with annual figures, this creates a clear picture of the creditworthiness of your customers.

Credit information is the basis for sound credit management. This also includes debtor management, debt collection and cover against damage through credit insurance. MODINT Credit & Finance provides the complete picture.


It is important to regularly check the financial situation of your customers. After all, this can change. MODINT Credit & Finance keeps you informed about all relevant changes in the creditworthiness of your customers. We monitor and you can consult the payment behaviour of your customers at any time.

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