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Financiering werkkapitaal

Financing supply chain

In today’s times, working capital and bridge loan are in high demand. Longer lead-times, later deliveries due to logistics issues, longer payment terms to customers,

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Fraud insurance

Every entrepeneur unfortunately has to deal with non-paying clients at one time or another. Sometimes it turns out that the client had no intention of

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Dekking met kredietverzekering

Credit insurance coverage

A credit insurance policy gives you a lot more security against non-payment of your invoices in the current economic climate. Still, it is good to

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Debiteurenbeheer invoices

Online invoice handling

For all businesses, large and small, maintaining accounts payable and accounts receivable is an essential part. When you accurately keep track of incoming and outgoing

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Creditmanagement for fashion, sports, shoes, textiles, home & living

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