Trade Mission Circular Textile to Turkey

MODINT Credit & Finance jointed the trade mission to Istanbul from March 27 until March 31. The trade mission had as main objective to investigate whether possibilities and market opportunities for circular textiles in Turkey are interesting. The trade mission was very successful.

Numerous Turkish companies had registered for matchmaking sessions with the participants. These matchmaking meetings turned out to be very successful, more than 150 matchmaking meetings were held at various locations.

A number of company visits were made, in which Circular Textile of course was the main topic. From test institutes to knowledge institutions that promote digitization and innovation in the textile industry, all kinds of organizations have shown how they contribute to sustainability in fashion and textiles.

During the various receptions there was room to invite your own relations. MODINT Credit & Finance had invited various board members of sister organizations of the Dutch trade association Modint, who all attended.

A seminar was also organized for which MODINT Credit & Finance was asked to contribute on the theme of ‘Preventing Financial Waste’. More than 75 participants were extensively informed about possibilities to prevent financial waste in various areas. In our seminar, the purpose was to create more awareness on preventing financial waste by taking the participants through some data, current events and market developments, give them some tips and tricks regarding avoiding credit risks and advise them on the possibilities of creating and obtaining working capital, in order to prevent financial waste.

If you would like more information on how to prevent financial waste, please contact MODINT Credit & Finance at or call +31 88 5054700.

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