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For all businesses, large and small, maintaining accounts payable and accounts receivable is an essential part. When you accurately keep track of incoming and outgoing invoices, you always have an exact and complete overview of income and expenses and can properly reconcile the various cash flows. You can of course keep the general accounts yourself, but you can also partly outsource this to MODINT Credit & Finance.

With the online invoice-handling service of MODINT Credit & Finance we can relieve a lot of work in a professional manner. From e-invoicing to writing off both debtors and creditors. With our service you always have an up-to-date general ledger and at any time a complete overview of the liquidity.

Our services

  • sales billing: e-invoicing / e-billing;
  • purchase invoicing: booking of incoming invoices;
  • allocation of incoming invoices to employee;
  • monitoring feedback, authorization for payments;
  • booking of incoming and outgoing payments;
  • sending friendly reminders;
  • telephone debtor management.


When you receive an invoice, it must first be posted and assigned to a cost center. In addition, this invoice must also be handled by someone within your organization. MODINT Credit & Finance can take care of this handling and monitoring and ensures that the incoming invoice is handled properly and timely by the right person. In this way you stay continuously up-to-date, you can optimize your debtor and creditor management and you are able to pay on time. Take advantage of our service and save even more time for your customers.

We manage your accounts payable & receivable.

Source: Modint Credit & Finance
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Would you like to know more about our invoice handling service? You can send an email to or call +31 (0)88 505 4700. 

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