MODINT Business Policy is celebrating 30 years anniversary!

The collaboration between Allianz Trade and MODINT Credit & Finance will be 30 years old in November! And we celebrate that! Will you celebrate with us?

Because of this memorable anniversary, Allianz Trade and MODINT Credit & Finance have a unique offer for companies to protect themselves against debtor risks.

History MODINT Business Policy
In 1993, NTKC, one of the trade organizations that merged into Modint Entrepreneurial Organization in 2000, started collaboration with the credit insurer Allianz Trade. The later known MODINT Credit & Finance played an active role in this because of the unique and extensive information in clothing and textiles. On the front end, MODINT Credit & Finance is able to provide the best limits, on the back end, insured companies are protected by MODINT Credit & Finance’s unique collection service.

MODINT Business Policy: a very successful and proven concept
Many companies enjoy this tailor-made credit insurance solution. With the MODINT Business Policy, Allianz Trade and MODINT Credit & Finance are together market leaders in fashion, shoes, interior and textiles and more than 300 companies are insured. With MODINT Credit & Finance’s unique database, with more than 250,000 companies and current payment experience, in combination with industry expertise, network, knowledge and experience, we have an accurate picture of the financial health of companies. Multiply that by the know-how and power of Allianz Trade as the world’s largest insurer, giving you the best possible solution for the clothing, textile, shoe and interior industry.

Due to the great success of the MODINT Business Policy in the Netherlands, Allianz Trade and MODINT Credit & Finance have expanded the collaboration to Belgium and Germany. In Belgium there is a collaboration with Creamoda and the CreaModint Policy. In Germany, companies benefit from the collaboration between Allianz Trade and MODINT Credit & Finance with the ‘Spezialpolice für Schuhe und Bekleidung’.


Companies that take out credit insurance now will receive a significant premium discount. No premium is charged for the first quarter. In addition, a discount is given on the limit costs. Contact MODINT Credit & Finance at +31 88 505 4700 or email

Creditmanagement voor de mode, sport, schoenen, textiel, home & living

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