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Ensuring business pays

MODINT Credit & Finance is your partner in credit management. We have been providing financial services to entrepreneurs in fashion, sports, shoes, beauty, textiles and home & living for more than 75 years. The professionals at MODINT Credit & Finance know these industries best. MODINT Credit & Finance provides debt collection, accounts receivable management, credit insurance, financing and legal advice.

How MODINT Credit & Finance can help


Accounts receivables

We take care of your accounts receivable management from start to finish, in every country you do business in.

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Debt collection

Payment of the claim whilst reserving your relationship with your customer. That is our goal.

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Trade credit insurance

We offer trade credit insurance for every payment and trading risk, and for every type of business.

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Credit checks

Knowing who you are doing business with is important. You can find out with our credit information.

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Your working capital can be financed in various ways. We mediate and advise you for the best financing solutions available.

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Solid General Terms and Conditions offer you protection and create clarity for all parties. With our help, your conditions will be assessed by an expert lawyer.

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Credit management for fashion, sports, shoes, textiles, home & living

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Quick and safe your money 'in the pocket'

Getting paid quickly

Getting paid quickly We ensure that your customer pays quickly. Our accounts receivable management and debt collection is possible in every country. Our unique approach ensures you maximum revenue at minimum cost.

Dedicated know-how

We are leaders in fashion and grow rapidly in related wholesale. More than 75 years of experience awaits you. We know your customers, speak your language and understand your business.


From our offices in the Netherlands and Germany, we provide services for customers in 10 countries. Belgium and Denmark are our second home. We call everyone with a clear message. Our network reaches across the EU. Languages are no problem for us

Know who you are doing business with

Our database contains more than 200,000 companies with unique up-to-date payment information. We are happy to share this with you via our information reports or credit limits.

Doing business unscathed

You only get absolute certainty of payment afterwards. Credit insurance and factoring helps to cover risks. We believe that prevention is better than cure. That is doing business unscathed.

Maximum result

Payment of the claim whilst reserving your relationship with your customer. Your satisfaction is all that counts.


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Your specialist in credit management

MODINT Credit & Finance is the credit management specialist for fashion, sports, shoes, beauty, textiles and home & living. We know your customers, speak your language and understand the industry.

From our offices in Arnhem and Kleve (Germany) we are at your service with advice and guidance in the field of debt collection, debtor management, trade credit insurance, working capital financing and legal affairs. Personal attention and service are our top priorities.

Fast service, short lines, your money in your pocket quickly

We like to be in direct personal contact with our customers and we prefer a personal approach. That is why every MODINT Credit & Finance customer has their own credit manager as their personal point of contact. We work internationally and are in close contact with our large network of partners within the industry.

MODINT Credit & Finance is not a standard collection agency with the sole purpose of making a profit. With our credit management approach, we try to avoid legal action as much as possible. We do this by reacting quickly and acting preventively. With our focus on credit management and amicable collection, you have money in your pocket quickly and safely.

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