Increase your chances in Germany during the Munich Creative Business Week!

Creative Holland, the internationalization initiative of the top sector Creative Industry, focuses on market development for the creative industry in (South) Germany. In this way we stimulate foreign trade promotion and help SMEs to seize a chance at a kickstart in Germany.

MODINT Credit & Finance will therefore participate in the Munich Creative Business Week 2022 (MCBW) in 2022 together with Creative Holland. The theme is ‘Moving Horizons’. The MCBW is Germany’s largest design event and a showcase of the creative and design industry for an international audience. The MCBW 2022 offers companies and designers from all creative disciplines and knowledge institutions the opportunity to present themselves to the professional world, knowledge partners and the public. Think of design, architecture, film, VR/AR, fashion, innovation/knowledge and various fields of application.

The Netherlands would like to contribute to urban development in the areas of quality of life, logistics, mobility, food, water management and safety. To this end, we emphasize the value(s) of the Dutch creative industry in Dutch participation in the MCBW.

Creative Holland offers you, as a Dutch creative company or consortium, the opportunity to join this Dutch participation in the MCBW 2022. Not by renting out square meters on an exhibition floor, but by participating with your own concept or (business) driver. Our partners NLinBusiness and MODINT Credit & Finance are happy to advise you and open their network.

  • Is the MCBW the right platform for contacts in Munich / Southern Germany and the right momentum for you or your company?
  • Can you (as a cluster of organizations for example) organize a specific contribution or event in Munich yourself?
  • Take part in the Munich Creative Business Week from 14. to 22. May 2022 with Creative Holland!


What can you expect from Creative Holland?
Our approach is open and focused on strengthening the joint proposition of the Dutch creative industry.

  • We are organizing a Creative Holland ‘Dutch Day’ on Monday afternoon, May 16, with a matchmaking moment at a Network Drink, where German parties are also invited.
  • We can introduce you to parties from the Creative Embassy / Cities of Things program.
  • We present the name of your organization in the communications and do so under the label ‘Creative Holland’, so that we collectively radiate a Dutch face.
  • We work together with a press partner in Germany.
  • Additional wishes are negotiable, including additional costs.


Who has already registered for participation in MCBW2022 with CreativeNL?

  • Solutions for Cities of Things (‘Creative Embassy MUC-AMS’) include Springtime and the Cities of Things foundation.
  • With a focus on New Materials: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Blade Made, and VenusianCollective.
  • In the application of design for Health solutions with Virtual Reality, such as CLeVR.
  • Organizations with pivotal functions for multiple disciplines such as INK and BLOC.
  • Some of their pay offs: “We design a better world.” And “Next Generation Cities”.


What will it cost you?

  • 450 euros excluding VAT to participate;
  • Travel and accommodation costs are for each participant’s own account;
  • Time to organize your own event in Munich to position your topic, product, knowledge or service (Creative Holland can give tips about location or German partners);
  • April 2022: a digital meeting to get acquainted.


Are you interested in exploring international opportunities or collaborating with fellow creative entrepreneurs or knowledge partners in Munich, broadening the creative ecosystem in southern Germany? Take advantage of the networks of Creative Holland and MODINT Credit & Finance and this opportunity.

Let us know by email if you are interested in participating in the MCBW and what the subject will be about which you would like to organize an activity during the MCBW. Please send this email to

Do you want more information? Contact MODINT Credit & Finance, call +31 88 5054700 or mail

Source: MODINT Credit & Finance
Photo: MCBW

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