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“The expansion of our European customer base has simultaneously affected our debtor portfolio, where we experience difficulties in collecting abroad, even with legal assistance. Since we started working with MODINT in 2011, we have successfully collected outstanding claims, including interest and costs, with the help of their competent and professional assistance. We receive “real time” updates about each claim and there is a good communication with our own debtors department, which leads to a win-win situation! We are very happy that our cooperation has only positive consequences and we can really recommend MODINT Credit & Finance to all interested parties.”

Peter Van de Velde
Accounting Department
Vegotex International

“Since MODINT Credit & Finance handls our accounts receivable management, not only our customers do pay earlier, they experience excellent services from MODINT Credit & Finance. They take a lot of work off our hands thanks to their expertise and experience in the field of (inter)national accounts receivable management. I also find the almost daily contact extremely pleasant and professional. Fast answers to your questions, responding to your wishes and the adequate collection of debts are really their strong points. MODINT Credit & Finance has therefore become an indispensable partner for me.”

Rob Elmers
Founder & managing director
Popov Clothing B.V.

“I had not previously thought it possible that you could collect even claims without legal assistance, which had long been written off by our own accounts receivable department. And this with such empathy, skill and professionalism that the customer wanted to order from us again. It really doesn’t get any better than this.”

Ralph Rieker
Ricosta Schuhfabriken GmbH

“Thanks to MODINT Credit & Finance, only claims from bankrupt companies remain on our balance sheet. All other outstanding claims have been paid. The MODINT credit managers have not only managed to get claims from debtors in Hungary paid, but also from South Africa, Bahrain and even India. Including interest and costs. I am very impressed and very content.”

Gerd Müller-Thomkins
Deutsches Mode-Institut DMI GmbH

“Through the member benefit programme of we switched to MODINT Credit & Finance. The result was a revelation for us, it is really a positive experience to work with Modint. Our first case was about an unpaid invoice to a Norwegian private person. At the time we did business with him, he had a shop in Denmark. Before he left Denmark, he had “forgotten” to pay the invoice for the goods he had received at the time. All we knew about him was his name and only his address in Denmark at the time. This information was the only thing I sent to MODINT Credit & Finance and twenty days later the money was in our account, including interest.”

Anna-Marie Poulsen
Sports Pharma A/S

“Our continuous growth south of Denmark has also brought with it more outstanding items and damages. Since we have been working with MODINT Credit & Finance, we have considerably reduced our write-offs on debtors. The communication is super, and we receive all necessary information in time. The cooperation has also provided us with substantial time savings as we now only have contact with one company and one point of contact and have the right party managing our debtors. We are happy to work with the professional and competent people of MODINT Credit & Finance.”

Lars Sandgaard
Sandgaard A/S

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