Training phone call management for accounts receivables

We notice that there is a need for good telephone contact with customers in Germany. Of course you can outsource this to us, but we can also support you with your own telephone approach. We offer web or in-house training courses for this purpose through our German office.

The training shows participants how to master even difficult conversation situations using objection handling techniques, conversation tactics and practical guidelines! Participants learn effective methods to achieve a smooth payment and also learn how to conduct professional conversations.

What do you learn from the training?

  • Make more effective and successful calls with reminders;
  • Demonstrate confidence and competence on the phone;
  • Convince customers to keep their payment promises;
  • Elegantly shorten conversations;
  • Use of special questioning techniques to guide the conversation to the goal;
  • Get a grip on conflict discussions;
  • Announce further consequences and thus test the willingness to pay;
  • Appreciative cybernetic objection handling;
  • De-escalation in emotional conversations.


Workshop content

  • The general communication model (short refresher);
  • Conversational techniques: Questioning techniques, appreciative handling of objections;
  • Escalation, de-escalation models, dealing with emotions (including your own…) and threats of violence.


(Friendly) reminders

  • Development of a proven telephone directory;
  • The right choice of words and expressions for direct debits by telephone;
  • Communication techniques on the phone: What does the person you’re talking to say and what does he really mean?
  • The right questioning technique: time- and goal-oriented behavior;
  • Closing techniques (payment in full or payment in installments);
  • Express negatives in a positive way.



  • Impulse Lectures, discussion, individual and group exercises, peer coaching, simultaneous conversations with a special telephone training system.

The estimated duration is a half-day of 4 hours (9 a.m. – 1 p.m.). Each participant will receive a complete handout, a certificate of attendance, a telephone notebook for daily work and a yellow card.

Are you interested in best practices and do’s and don’ts on the phone with your German customer(s)? Contact us via +31 (0)88 505 4700 or mail to
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