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Newsletter #1 | March 2024

This first newsletter in 2024 contains the following articles: “Fashion trade fairs”, “Consumers are more likely to find their way to physical fashion stores”, “Number of bankruptcies increased significantly in 2023”, “Number of bankruptcies in Flanders reached record high in 2023”, “Risks and opportunities in 2024 for wholesale”, „Thousands of retailers quit to avoid debt“, “WHOA protects large companies, but SMEs remain behind in debt approach: ‘Costs too high’” and „Fraud insurance“.

Newsletter #4 | October 2023

This newsletter contains the following articles: “Increase in Dutch bankruptcies in 2023 will continue”, “One in three companies has become stricter on the creditworthiness of selecting customers”, “Retail sold less, but turned over more in the second quarter”, “Breakfast session: Risk appetite for doing business in Germany”, “IAF World Fashion Convention” and “Check your debtor balance before the end of the year”.

In addition, attention is paid to the meetings about WHOA, and the credit insurance workshop on November 14 and to the anniversary offer in the context of the 30-year collaboration between Allianz Trade and MODINT Credit & Finance.

Newsletter #3 | July 2023

It contains the following articles: “Make sure you have a clean sheet in your outstanding debtors list”, “Fashion failures? Bankruptcies in fashion and textiles”, “Seminar Export Market Germany”, “Number of bankruptcies accelerates +52% in the Netherlands in 2023”, “Provide security, insure your debtor risks”, “Successful Circular Textile Days”, “Advice on working capital financing” and “Best of Bangladesh in Europe September 4 and 5 at Westergasfabriek”.
In addition, an overview of which fashion trade fairs we will be present at.

Newsletter #2 | April 2023

In this newsletter: “Circulair textile also includes preventing financial waste”, “Trade mission Circular Textile to Turkey”, “Dutch bankruptcies will increase by 79% in 2023”, “Debt collection in time?”, “Did you receive deliveries too late?”, “Consultancy about supply chain finance: If you are searching for working capital”.

Newsflash #1 | January 2023

In this newsflash more about the fashion trade shows in the first season of 2023.

Newsletter #3 | December 2022

In this last newsletter of 2022, more about: supply chain finance, credit insurance, “verjährung” of your outstanding receivables, insolvenzanfechtung and general terms and conditions.

Newsletter #2 | October 2022 (Englisch)

In diesem Herbst-Newsletter finden Sie die folgenden Artikel:
Be timely with your accounts receivable risks, collection measures and accounts receivable management’, ‘Supply chain finance’, ‘Credit insurance coverage’, ‘Fraud insurance’ and ‘Receiving deliveries late.’ In addition, more on the Credit insurance workshop on November 15.

Newsletter #1 | April 2022 (Englisch)

Deutschland Spezial, u.a. mit:
* Deutsch-niederländischer Handel erreicht 2021 einen Rekordwert
* Vorsicht vor Insolvenzanfechtung bei Geschäften mit Deutschland
* Erweitern Sie Ihre Möglichkeiten in Deutschland während der Munich Creative Business Week vom 14. bis 22. Mai 2022
* Veranstaltung zum Thema Textilien und Nachhaltigkeit bei ALSCO mit DNHK
* Deutschlandtag am 11. Oktober 2022
* Ausbildung zum Telefoninkasso in Deutschland

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